Computer Repairs and Services

If We Can’t Fix Your Computer, There’s no Charge!
Unfortunately, with computers, not every issue can be repaired. So, our policy is if there’s no solution for your issue, there’s no charge.


Hardware Repair - $100

Diagnosis and Replacement of faulty parts

SSD Upgrade - $80 plus cost of SSD

Replace your old Hard drive with a fast SSD and install Windows 10

Windows 10 Upgrade - $80

Upgrade your PC or Laptop to the latest version of Windows 10

Component Installation - $80

Installation and testing of standard components, such as RAM or Graphics Card.

Software Installation - $80

Install any supplied licensed software. (We will not install pirated or cracked software)

Data Transfer (Excluding Emails) / Backup - $120-$200

Covers retrieval and back up of existing information to a single folder. In some cases, not all data can be retrieved due to corrupt or invalid files.            

Insurance Report -  $90

Comprehensive insurance report for insurance claims. This report will include an assessment of the damages and formal repair quotation will be provided.